10 Plus One Special Ways to Celebrate Global Surveyors Day in 2022

Celebrate this year's Global Surveyors Day by taking up one of the 10 ways plus ONE special way to do so in 2022.

10 Plus One Special Ways to Celebrate Global Surveyors Day in 2022

The Global Surveyors Day (GSD) has become an annual celebratory event worldwide, by anyone who works within or is directly or indirectly involved with the Surveying Industry. These celebratory efforts have paved the way to the discoverability and recognition of the profession by many across the globe. Just like how we have different days like World Water Day or GIS-Day, GSD is a special day meant for Surveyors.

About GSD

The path to Global Surveyors’ Day began back in ancient Egypt when society first used surveying techniques to divide the land. Throughout history, surveyors have remained the pioneers of discovery shaping our world to its current existence by exploring the unknown on earth and in space. Fast forward to 2013 when the signing of the Budapest declaration created a common worldwide celebration for those leaders, past, and present.

We are proud to proclaim Global Surveyors’ Day as a way to globally recognize the ground-breakers, pioneers, individuals, and the industry that has shaped our history and continues to be the foundation of our communities.

This year, Global Surveyors’ Day 2022 will be held on Monday, March 21, 2022.

The first edition of Global Surveyors’ Day took place on Wednesday, 21 March 2018, exactly in the middle of the Land and Poverty Conference at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC USA

How can you celebrate this day in 2022?

As the clock is ready to strike 00.00hrs on a Monday 21st of March in 2022 (a day we will never experience again), we have compiled a list of 10 plus ONE special ways to celebrate this day.

  • teach a class about the importance of Surveying
  • Organize a debate on a surveying-related topic or article with colleagues.

One such interesting article that you could debate about is titled: Land Surveying Will Be a Thing of the Past in 2050 was posted on Tech-With-Surveyor which sparked a lot of interest and debates on social media.

  • recruit a youngster to pursue a degree in Land Surveying when they join or apply for college
  • create/prepare, share and publish a non-confidential survey record and diagram
  • tour the Surveyor-General’s Offices in your country
  • write a short essay or story about surveying and publish it on the web.

You could also take this opportunity to start your blog and write beautiful things that you love about your profession. A good resource that can help you get started is; Starting Your Blog.

  • research on methodologies to improve your work and life (sometimes in the bush) as a surveyor
  • learn about the FIG-Young Surveyors
  • join a professional body/organization that deals with issues affecting surveyors, help you develop professionally, and provides opportunities in your country.

ONE Special Way to Celebrate

African Surveyors Connect will this year be launching the African Surveyors Gallery Book during the Global Surveyors Day celebrations. This initiative is aimed at creating a documented gallery both hard-copy and soft copy of Surveyors across the continent which will also fast track the recognition of young surveyors who are doing wonderful things across the various fields in which they work.

Want to get involved? Get started by visiting this year's Global Surveyors Day page and register through the form available.

Make sure you celebrate this day in style. Surveyors all over the globe also deserve to be recognized just like any other profession in the world. Surveying is among the first professions to ever exist, so do not let the profession die on you.

Happy Global Surveyors Day 2022