AI That Writes Articles, Blogs and Research for you.

Wait! What? AI actually wrote this blog article for me. Check out how you can use AI to get rid of Writer's block. I only own 20% of this article.

AI That Writes Articles, Blogs and Research for you.

The power of AI keeps growing and improving with every developer that decides to sit down and add or improve a few algorithms.

Disclaimer Note: 80% of this article was written by AI. I only own 20% of this article content. 
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment.

The AI we have today is not the same technology that was there a decade ago, and it is great to see that the technology is improving with every day and every technique added to it.

Right now we have more than one option of AI and these include:
a) Artificial Neural Networks
b) Deep Learning
c) Supervised Learning
d) Unsupervised Learning
e) Reinforcement Learning

This article will share about Shortlyai.

What Shortlyai offers you

What if someone told you that you can write an article without actually writing anything? It’s possible with AI.

With Shortlyai all you need to do is

  • pick a topic,
  • choose an output length,
  • input a brief,

and the AI will write for you.

Soon the AI will be able to write a novel, a story, a script, at least one article, and even a Ph.D. thesis.

The company is not just thinking about the goal of becoming the best consulting AI. Soonai also wants to become famous for its unique technology, which gives them an advantage over other companies in their field of work.

On top of that, Soonai has already acquired some investments from reputable start-up investors such as Coinbase and TD Ameritrade.

Soonai took what is considered as one of the most famous scientific papers on machine learning and applied it to writing articles by using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

So here is how you can use Shortlyai.

  1. Pick Your Topic - Soonai has a selection of topics for you to pick from.
  2. Write Your Brief – Write a brief about the topic and make sure it’s at least 250 words long.
  3. Input Your Content – Tell Soonai what you want to say and tell it how long you want your article to be.
  4. Get Ready to Wait – Soonai will put the content into an AI algorithm and will wait for your approval before publishing it online automatically (no human is involved in the process).

Check out how it compiled all this for me.

I followed through the instructions on their platform which you can also register for an account here.

I wrote a few lines on AI technology including the definition that I sourced out online.

I then hit the Write for me button.

Was feeling a bit lazy so I wanted the AI to write a lot for me. So I moved the output length bar to the end (100%).

This is what she wrote for me. It is the same thing you saw above right?

I also recorded a screen video in case you'd love to see it in action.

Screen-recording of Shortlyai compiling an article for me

Amazing right?

Good or Bad Thing?

Well, for now, I will leave this argument for some other day. I know people have different views when it comes to AI especially when the issue of job security comes into play.

Guess what? You can also create a free account and start using AI to get rid of that writer's block.