Capture Meeting Notes Easily with AI

With Artificial Intelligence one can easily capture meeting notes as transcribed notes to save time and loss of valid information during meetings.

Capture Meeting Notes Easily with AI
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Meetings are an important aspect when it comes to planning, teamwork, and collaboration. Thanks to the pandemic, the world has adopted technology more than the usual uptake in the last five years.

I believe on platforms like Zoom, every second and every minute there is always a meeting, webinar, or some sort of conference that is taking place.

One important skill that is underappreciated is one's ability to take and capture meeting notes. Have you ever asked yourself this based on all the meetings that you have attended in a virtual setting;

  • Are these meeting or conference notes sufficient enough to move forward with the team plans?
  • Did I not miss out on anything important during the meeting or misheard something?
  • Where can I safely store and keep these meeting notes for later reference?

Judging from experience, it is really difficult for me to capture points that have been discussed in a collaborative meeting. What most people do is only write and jot down what they understand or what they want to try to understand. It is very difficult for one to even jot down something they have zero ideas or knowledge about.

Imagine being a minute taker in a technical meeting and you have zero background in IT-related fields? These are challenges that most secretaries in different organizations face.

At times the meeting notes have incorrect spellings, misguided information, or even the wrong key points, and this depending on the relevance and importance of the meeting might affect the productivity of the organization.

Guess what? Artificial Intelligence can this problem with just a few minutes spent on your Calendar and meeting schedules.

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Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne

With fireflies.AI one can easily record any meeting and also get the transcribed notes. Amazing right?

Fireflies.AI will record your meeting and at the end of it process your recording and produce transcribed meeting notes. One feature that mainly caught my attention is its ability to provide a summary explaining what the whole meeting was about.

Imagine being invited to a two-hour meeting via Zoom or Google-Meet and not being able to attend. Fireflies.AI can also record this meeting in your absence and produce the transcribed script which is also summarized.

Some of the key features of this AI include:

  • producing transcribed meeting notes
  • summarizing the whole meeting
  • sentiment filters (displaying negative and positive talk during the meeting)
  • assigning speaker name to transcribed text (you know who said what instead of assuming through Audio)
  • sharing the meeting notes with anyone
  • working as a team
  • integration with various call and conferencing platforms

How to start using it?

So, how does one get to use this AI to capture meeting notes? It's simple, just head over to their official web platform (

Platform login page

Account creation requires you to have either a Google account or an Outlook account and once this is set, Fire-Flies will request access to your calendar events.

Don't worry about 3rd-Party software having access to your whole calendar and events. You can certainly choose and select which events you would like the AI-bot to automatically capture and record.

Please Note: You might want to share this with the rest of the team before the meeting that fireflies will be recording the meeting for legal reasons.

From this point, actions on how you want this to take place are all outlined on the platform where you can choose to;

  • automatically add fireflies to all meetings that you have been invited to
  • only add to meetings you are hosting
  • only add to meetings hosted by other team members
  • record organizational level meetings (works with G-Suite only)

I pretty much enjoy this tool for all meetings and is a really good way to make future references to these meetings.

No need to wait for hours and days for the event organizer to send you the recording. I find this also very useful for secretaries working in different organizations.

Enjoy using Artificial Intelligence for progressive and greater outcomes for your work and team-collaborative efforts.