ESRI Products and Services to try out in 2022.

Getting yourself well equipped enough to be relevant in the tech industry is never an easy task. Here is how you can begin your journey without worrying too much.

ESRI Products and Services to try out in 2022.

Getting yourself well equipped enough to be relevant in the tech industry is never an easy task. One of the reason's why Open-Source is growing so fast is because of its flexibility to many.

The geospatial industry is one of the many industries that we can place on top of the list for highly and costly services and tools for production.

Imagine you want to learn a few concepts and you are told you need to get software for that. Starting a company or working on a project becomes a very big step.

More reasons to turn to Open-Source technology right?

What if you can get it for free or at minimum cost?

Would you still consider using software like ArcGIS even if I tell you that you can still use it for free?

Maybe this article will change your mind.

By the way. I am a huge fan of ESRI technology

Over the years ESRI has moved from desktop software to online-based software. A lot of users were familiar with ArcMap and since the coming of ArcGIS Pro and the announcement of the ending support for ArcMap has not been an easy road for many.

Without losing focus, let's look at the...

Products and Services  to look out for

I will also include how you can get to utilize these for free. (Without cracking or illegally obtaining any unauthorized access of-course)

ArcGIS Pro

Image source: ESRI 

With the ending of ArcMap soon to come in 2026, now will be a great time to make the transition and start using the new technology.

ArcGIS Pro comes with embedded Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms like the classifiers and prediction tools to help you speed up and automate your workflows.

If you love imagery, I don't think you need to spend more time writing extra scripts and code for your analysis.

You can have a try at ArcGIS Pro just for 21-days free.

ArcGIS Survey123

Image source: ArcGIS Survey123 

Survey123 as the name suggests gives you the power to create surveys, analyze your work and share your results simultaneously and in real-time.

This is not just any form of survey application or product. It brings the power of location intelligence and real-time analytics into play and in an easy to manage manner.

Want to try it out? Check out my introductory video on YouTube and many others within the series.

An Introduction to Survey123 - creating basic forms 

ArcGIS Dashboards

Source: COVID-19 Hub for Zimbabwe

Dashboards became popular at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. A lot of health organizations and institutions including the general public have been using Dashboard analytics to study and understand the virus better.

By building your dashboard, you can bring in the power of data into your work and add some visual design to make your work more understandable and easy to explain to the layman who has no idea what is going on.

ArcGIS Workforce

Source: ESRI
ArcGIS Workforce is a mobile app solution that uses the power of location to coordinate your field workforce. It integrates work management to reduce reliance on paper and provides everyone with access to the authoritative data they need. ArcGIS Workforce is designed to help you reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.

With Workforce, you can coordinate different teams in different locations and have it all in a central system. Each and everyone has a highlight of what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it.

Could this be used by companies looking to implement delivery services?

Getting it all for free

This can be the most interesting part for many. How can you get these for free?

By creating an ArcGIS Developers account, you get access to some of the key elements and components that will help you get on your fight as you begin this journey.

All you need to do is sign-up for a free developer account and you are good to go.

Hopefully, this can get you on the right track for 2022.

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