Quick Fix: Too Many Redirects on WordPress Admin

Being locked out of your own site can be very frustrating. In this article we will solve the too many redirects issue faced by many after migrating servers.

Quick Fix: Too Many Redirects on WordPress Admin

WordPress is the most used and popular blogging software in the world. When most people decide to start a blog, the first thing that normally comes to mind is building with WordPress.

With this growing trend, it's not only the tech geeks and geniuses who own websites anymore. Almost every writer out there has their blog hosted somewhere on the internet.

Now imagine having been locked out of your own website's control panel? That sets off the mood, right?

In this article, I am going to provide a quick fix for your problem so that you can get back to your precious work via the control panel in no time.

When the error might arise

This type of error usually arises when you have either;

  • moved your site from one server to another server. In most instances, developers work within their localhost environments and when trying to publish the site on a live server this may arise.
  • a sudden change in server configurations by your hosting provider.
  • accidentally configuring URLs in the wrong way from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.
  • Corrupt WordPress files (which is a rare case if you are using a legit hosting provider)
  • Cluttered browser cookies from your website.

Any other issues other than the ones listed above might cause the error in any way.

This post assumes you have CPanel for your server management and with Softaculous Apps Installer having been present in the cpanel. 

Fixing the Problem

Before we do anything, we just want to confirm that indeed you are experiencing the too many redirects error on your browser.

Go to;


Replace <your-website-url> with the actual address of your website. (i.e. https://mysite.com/wp-admin/

If that's the case, you will notice that your browser already recommends that you clear the browser cookies as a quick fix and first step. Well, you can try that but I am already sure that only 5% will get it fixed through that process.

Login to your Cpanel hosting account

Once you are logged in, navigate to File Manager located under the Files section.

Locate the WP Root Installation Directory

If your site is like mine, the WP root directory will be the public_html folder in your server files.

Open the folder.

Select all the files and compress them to a Zip Archive.

Once the files have been compressed, delete all the other files and leave only the compressed zip folder.

At this point, you would have deleted your WordPress installation files but do not worry. We are almost there. 

Return to your Cpanel home.

Go to WordPress Management

Navigate to the Softaculous Apps Installer section and click on WordPress.

Once you land on the WordPress installation introductory page, at the top ribbon of the page, look for the All Installations icon. As indicated in the image below.

Softaculous will still reference your previous WordPress installation even though we have deleted the files.

Delete WordPress Installation

Be cautious at this stage. This will determine how your website will end up like. Any mistake you might start building from scratch again.

Click on the red bin icon under your WordPress installation.

If you have multiple applications on your server, make sure you are deleting the right one.

On the delete confirmation page, make sure to untick the following options:

  • remove directory
  • remove database
  • remove database

We do not want to delete the database that we have already worked so hard to establish and build.

Finally, click the remove installation button.

Install WordPress again

Return to the WordPress manager home page in Softaculous.

Install a new and fresh WordPress installation like you are building a new website.

We will just do a quick installation at this point.

Replace Files

Once WordPress has finished its installation, click on the WordPress Admin link provided just to make sure you can access the Admin Dashboard.

If you can access the Dashboard, then you have reached the final stage now.

Return back to the File Manager, and navigate to the root directory of the WordPress installation. In this case which is the public_html folder.

Unzip the compressed zip archive that we created earlier on.

The new unzipped files will replace all the content that was created in the new installation and place back your original files.

Once this has been done, try to access your Admin Dashboard again and see if it now works.

If it did, then congratulations! You have solved one of the most frustrating issues an administrator can ever experience.


Problem Was Not Fixed?

If you still cannot access the Admin Dashboard and the too many redirects error did not go away, then it could be one of the following issues;

  • incorrect .htaccess file configurations
  • corrupt plugin issue
  • WP URLs mismatch or misconfiguration

In which case I would recommend reading the step-by-step on fixing this issue here.