How to Claim Your GitHub Student Pack

The world of freebies is very limited for professionals. At least for students, that's not the case. With the GitHub Education package, you get to claim up to 60+ freebies for student developers.

How to Claim Your GitHub Student Pack

The world of freebies never seems to come to an end. Almost every site on the internet is talking about them. Often students who enter the world of code have a difficult time when it comes to deploying their code or finding the right resources.

In this post, I am going to be showing you how you can claim your GitHub Student Pack and enjoy the freebies for developers just like you.

GitHub is well known as a platform where developers and software programmers contribute and build. With GitHub, you can easily store your source code for free and make it either public or private.

What I would like to discuss today is their Education program which allows students to enjoy the world of freebies.

What do you get?

Basically anything including everything that a student developer needs is available in the package.

They have placed the packages into various categories like:

  • cloud services
  • design tools
  • marketing
  • IoT
  • infrastructure and API's
  • learning
  • security and analytics
  • mobile
  • domains
  • productivity
  • game development
  • virtual events

Among other categories that I did not mention.

All these categories are being offered by some of the biggest companies in tech that have these great services to offer. Companies and organizations like Microsoft,  Canva, Digital Ocean, JetBrains, Data Camp, etc., have dedicated some of their resources just to assist students to get better in tech by providing all the much-needed resources.

How to claim?

All you need to do to claim this package is to;

  • have a GitHub account
  • be a student at any recognized learning institution
  • have your proof of student ready for submission.

Once you have your GitHub account, which you can create here, you just head over to the GitHub Education website.

GitHub Education pack landing page section

Click on the green Sign-up for Student Developer pack button to get the process started.

You will be asked to log in to your GitHub account, and once that is clear, you will be asked to provide some details.

Some important details that need verifying are;

  • learning institution name
  • education email address. (This is normally provided at your learning institution so if you do not have one, you could ask your IT department to provide you with one)
  • proof of student. (Normally you upload an image of your Student ID and Details for manual verification)

The manual verification process usually takes some time (maybe a week or two) depending on the traffic and number of people requesting such a service.

Once you have been approved, you can now be ready to ship software like a pro a 😎.

I have already claimed my package. This domain and the hosting are both on a GitHub student package. Claim yours today.