Open a Company in the US from Anywhere Around the World

Yes, it is possible to legally register a Start-up company in the US from anywhere around the world. Overcome restrictions today.

Open a Company in the US from Anywhere Around the World
Photo by Tim Mossholder

Did you know that you can easily open and legally register a company in the United States of America from anywhere around the world?

You're probably wondering how this can be possible especially when we involved the keywords: "from anywhere around the world".

I am one of the people who have struggled to set up and find a way to receive payments from my country (Zimbabwe) through various platforms like PayPal and Stripe. Those familiar with the situation can testify that Stripe is not in every country across the globe and for us Zimbabweans it just makes the case worse due to unending sanctions.

As mentioned on their site, Stripe only caters to 47 countries around the globe to access their payment gateway and start making business transactions on a buyer-seller basis.

Thanks to the recent development people in Zimbabwe can now open merchant accounts on PayPal for business. Despite this fact, the issue of withdrawals is however still complicated.

What good would it be to have an account from which you cannot make a withdrawal? That alone just makes the whole issue to do with third-world countries when it comes to international business transactions, especially in e-commerce just complicated.

But there is a solution

With all these downfalls and limitations there is always a solution to every problem.

If you are like me, from a 3rd World Country and facing all these challenges, the best way would be to open a company in a non-restricted country.

Forget about being a tax-paying citizen of your own country for a minute when you want to boost your e-commerce.

But how?

Stripe has realized the need to cater to all nations despite all prohibiting factors and restrictions hence they have what they call, Stripe Atlas.

According to their official website;

Stripe Atlas is a powerful, safe, and easy-to-use platform for forming a company. By removing lengthy paperwork, legal complexity, and numerous fees, Stripe Atlas helps you launch your startup from anywhere in the world.

Imagine just using your computer to create a company somewhere in the USA to keep you on your wheels.

At first, it sounded fishy to me but I, later on, saw some interesting testimonies from other startups around the world that have taken advantage of this and have registered their business in the US.

Examples of startups that have gone through this process include;

For developers out there, I am sure you are already familiar with Buy Me A Coffee.

The process of getting started seems to be pretty straightforward. In these four easy steps, you could register a US-based company today.

  1. Submit your information
  2. Sign your company formation documents
  3. Your company is formed in Delaware
  4. Receive a tax ID number from the IRS

In addition, they have stated a setup fee of $500 which should get you started. I think this is pretty fair enough considering the restrictions we currently face in these third-world countries like Zimbabwe. With a great business idea, that 500$ will come back and pay back sweet in the long run.

To get started,

I hope this will help and assist many entrepreneurs who are facing this huge obstacle in their dreams and goals. And most importantly, this should also be a wake-up call to governments in certain countries that are restricting such good outcomes from happening for easy global trading.