Starting Your Own Blog

Blogging is one way to express thoughts, feelings, ideas, and arguments with the world. Starting a personal blog is fairly an easy task with no essential skills required.

Starting Your Own Blog
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Blogging has become one of many ways for one to express their thoughts, feelings, arguments and also share ideas with the world. Thanks to the internet, we all have a central location where we can find these blogs anytime we want to.

A new model has since been introduced and they call it vlogging. Which is common on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Did you know?

In a 2013 study of 161 high school students, researchers at the University of Haifa found that writing a blog was more effective than writing in a private diary in improving troubled students' self-esteem and lessening their social anxiety and emotional distress (Psychological Services).

Mental health has become a serious issue around the globe and blogging is one way to stay ahead of it.

At times it might not always be the case related to mental health, but as you know, some people like myself always feel the need to share what they know with the world so they can help someone out there who might be looking for an answer that you posses.

Guess what? Starting a blog is fairly an easy task to do in this modern-day. Back in the days when the internet was still new, having a website was something that was considered to be extraordinary but these days, anyone and everyone has a piece of their content somewhere on the digital network.

Allow me to take you through the process of how you can start your blog in this modern day.

What is essential?

To begin with, here is a list of some essential but not expensive pieces and items that you need.

I was working on some ideas for a book about team-building that I am writing.  I'd written some ideas down but hadn't liked them.  I screwed the paper up and was amazed to see just the word Ideas showing and thought it was a good photo, as sometimes, we have many ideas, but not all of them are good ones and get discarded.
Photo by Nick Fewings 
  • topics and ideas (almost like a theme that you like talking about)

As you can see, I love talking about tech, which is why I began Tech with Surveyor-Jr.

This is regarded as the most crucial component, to begin with. Without a theme, there is no blog at all.  

  • some digital space

Gone are the days when we used to share information, ideas, thoughts, and expression through books, jotters, and pieces of paper. Of course, books are still a thing but most writers have turned to E-Books which you can just download and read on your phone. Moreover, with the coming of AI, you can get this as an audiobook.  

What you need is some space on the internet that is publicly available to anyone who might want to read your content. This comes in form of a website on WWW.

  • a gadget

You will need a medium that you use to publicize your stories and articles on the web. With a gadget such as a laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone you can be able to do this at any time.

Available Resources

The World-Wide Web (www) has turned to be a globally rich database and storage mechanism of resources. The same way you would probably find multiple blogs that talk about this same topic is how easy it is also to find resources.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee

By now you have probably heard about WordPress. The platform that most people usually start a website with. I must admit, it is probably the easiest way too for non-technical experts to start their journey.

There is a difference between and 

Here is a list of blogging platforms that you can choose from.

  3. Wix
  4. HubSpot CMS
  5. Gator
  7. Blogger
  8. Tumblr
  9. Medium
  10. Squarespace
  11. Ghost
  12. Weebly

I must mention that if you are a YouTube user, you have probably come across an Ad from 😂

Like I mentioned earlier, starting a blog is fairly easy. You can simple search any one of these 12 platforms that I have listed above, create an account, and start creating content.

One downside of these is probably the lack of flexibility and professionalism of your blog.

For example: If you are to use the Free plan on, you are probably going to have your web address like https://<site-name>

Where <site-name> will be the name you choose for your site. If it were me, my site would be like

At times I do not want everyone to know that I use Wix for my blog. To some, it's a total turn-off but some do not mind at all.

For professional businesses or celebrities, it is a bit unprofessional though. In this case, you will need to have a custom name for your website just like  

How to achieve this

One thing for sure would be to enroll on the paid plan of any platform that you choose.

This way, you can have your custom domain (website name) of your choosing.

With a platform like, you can start from as low as $4 per month for this.

Nevertheless, they are people like us who always love to control their environment. I'd prefer hosting my websites on a Virtual Server or any shared hosting space instead.

If the world of tech is still new to you, consider using the free or paid plans above for now or hire a web developer to do the world for you instead.

The easiest and quickest way to do this would be to find one cloud service provider such as Digital-Ocean from the vast amount of service providers.

With Digital-Ocean, you get $100 in free credit upon registration. 

Sounds like a great plan right?

One thing I also like about Digital Ocean is how easy it can be to install any blogging platform software on their servers. It is a one-click and all is set up and ready to run.

They also have great documentation too for this process.

To get started Sign-Up for a free account on their platform today.

I have used their WordPress hosting which is very smooth and easy to set up. At the moment I am currently using Ghost as my CMS for this blog.

A few steps to help guide you:

  • sign up for a free account on Digital Ocean
  • create a server droplet (for WordPress, Ghost, or any other platform of your choosing)
  • follow the prompts on your screen
  • you will need a domain name purchased from a domain name service provider. You can get one from

If you have managed to claim your GitHub student developer pack, that should be a free process for you.

That's it.

Faced Challenges?

It's a good thing you are on the internet. With the large pool of resources available you can search by typing the problem that you encountered along the way and you will probably find an answer to that.

Lazy to run a google search for answers?

I am also available for consultation services. Just be sure to reach out to me through my Contact Page. In addition, I can also help you come up with the best blog that suits your theme and your company.

I hope with this article, anyone can start their blog today and share what they have with the world.

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